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The reference Carcinogenicity Genotoxicity eXperience (CGX) dataset now hosted by JRC

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Jan 19, 2015

Available from the JRC/EURL ECVAM website

The Carcinogenicity Genotoxicity eXperience (CGX) dataset, previously hosted on the Lhasa Limited Site, is now available from the JRC/ EURL ECVAM website. 

The CGX dataset is a collection of publicly available data that can be used for a variety of scientific purposes including structural-based evaluation of chemical genotoxicity and the development of alternative approaches to animal testing such as Structure-Activity Relationships (SAR).

The CGX dataset and the newly released EURL ECVAM Genotoxicity & Carcinogenicity Consolidated Database of Ames Positive Chemicals are now accessible via the same location on the EURL ECVAM website.

Part of the CGX database has been incorporated in the EURL ECVAM Genotoxicity & Carcinogenicity Consolidated database of Ames Positive Chemicals.

More information on the CGX database can be found in Kirkland D et al. (2005). Mutation Research 584 1-256.