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Test Method Submission

Submission of new test methods to EURL ECVAM

For the evaluation of the readiness of a Test Method to enter the EURL ECVAM (pre)validation process, this Test Method needs to be officially submitted to EURL ECVAM by compiling as a first step the electronic version of the Test Presubmission Form (see below).

The entire EURL ECVAM test submission process follows 2 mandatory steps.

Step 1: Presubmission - is based on the EURL ECVAM Test Presubmission Form (TPF) and is a mandatory requirement for a test method to be eventually considered for the EURL ECVAM validation process. The completed TPF filled in all its parts will allow EURL ECVAM to perform a preliminary assessment of the status of development, optimisation and/or validation of the test method and its potential relevance with regard to the 3Rs (replacement, reduction, refinement of animal testing).

Step 2: Complete Submission - requires the compilation of a detailed Test Submission Template (TST) to be provided by EURL ECVAM, to allow a comprehensive evaluation of the submitted method as further specified on this website, in the page 'Outline of the EURL ECVAM test method submission process'. The TST will be made available by EURL ECVAM after successful conclusion of step 1 and the test submitter will be formally invited to complete it.

Only on the basis of a duly filled TST, EURL ECVAM will take a final decision if the submitted test method qualifies for entering (pre-)validation and at which stage of the EURL ECVAM validation process.

In case a test method will be found to qualify for entering validation, this does, however, not mean that the test method will be automatically validated by EURL ECVAM. But, EURL ECVAM will regularly prioritize all methods which have been submitted and found to qualify for entering the validation process. This prioritisation will be done against pre-defined criteria and in the light of available capacities. It is foreseeable that not all submitted test methods can be validated by EURL ECVAM.

A submitted test method will not be made available to external persons without the prior consent of the submitter. 

A list of the test methods assessed by EURL ECVAM and its international partners in the framework of ICATM is available through the Tracking System for Alternative methods towards Regulatory acceptance (TSAR).