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JRC Hepatotoxicity datasets now available within publicly accessible ToxBank Data Warehouse

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Aug 30, 2014

A centralised compilation of data for systemic toxicity

The ToxBank project, aimed at supporting the data management and analysis activites carried out across the Alternative Testing Strategies SEURAT-1 program, has launched a centralised compilation of data for systemic toxicity - the ToxBank Data Warehouse - for which public access is now available upon request. 

Data generated under the SEURAT-1 research program and additional public data are being uploaded and integrated whenever possible into computerised models capable of predicting repeated-dose toxicity. The ToxBank Data Warehouse will use the ISA-TAB file format for interchange, storage and query of any investigation data, including dose-response and 'omics' results.

This month, the European Commission Joint Research Centre has made available via the ToxBank Data Warehouse the complete data sets derived from a JRC study on hepatotoxicity screening (*), in which a mode-of-action targeted analysis of the literature has been used to identify toxicity pathways and the key biological events associated with them. 

A detailed demonstration of the ToxBank Data Warehouse is available on-line. The demo was first provided this week at the EC JRC at the WC9 conference (24-28 August, Prague). 

Users may access protocols or data that have been made available within the ToxBank Data Warehouse.  The managers of the application also provide a request option to support the incorporation of relevant data generated outside of SEURAT-1 activities.

  • Tutorials on the use of the ToxBank resources are made available in the ToxBank Library 

(*) Mennecozzi, M., Landesmann, B., Harris, G.A., Liska, R., & Whelan, M. (2012). Hepatotoxicity Screening Taking a Mode-Of-Action Approach Using HepaRG Cells and HCA. Altex Proceedings, of WC8 1/12, 193-204.) All data and relevant background information to this study is available in the ToxBank Data Warehouse. In case you have any queries with respect to this study please contact the JRC study contact point as indicated in the Data Warehouse.