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Lush Science Prize: JRC-IHCP scientists at the award ceremony in London

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Nov 19, 2012

Interviewed on their research and the EURL ECVAM pioneering work on non-animal chemical safety testing

On November 15th the Assay Developmen1t and High Throughput Screening Group of the JRC-IHCP Systems Toxicology Unit was awarded the Lush Science Prize 2012.

Milena Mennecozzi, first author and Brigitte Landesmann, co-author of the awarded  publication (a high-throughput screening system to categorise chemicals based on their potential to cause liver toxicity) received a cheque of 50,000 pounds together with a trophy – a hare, the LUSH emblem – on behalf of the the Assay Development and High Throughput Screening Group of the JRC-IHCP Systems Toxicology Unit. They were interviewed on their experimental work, its context and institutional setting. 

Brigitte mentioned the EURL ECVAM's long-standing efforts to promote the development of alternative techniques to eliminate or minimise the use of animals in safety assessments and the importance of these new pathway-based approaches to define the processes by which toxicants might cause adverse health outcomes - not only for animal welfare but also for improved human safety, through better predictive systems

Milena gave a short presentation on the awarded experimental work and why it is an important step on our way towards integrated toxicity testing. 

The prize money will be given to the JRC and used to further work in the area.

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  • Watch the videoclip (produced by LUSH) of the award cerimony 




a) from left: Brigitte Landesmann, Rob Harrison (LUSH Prize) and Milena Mennecozzi. Copyright EU 2012.
b) B. Landesmann and M. Mennecozzi on the Lush Prize stage. Copyright Richard Skins 2012.