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Evaluation of the neurotoxicity of chemical mixtures

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Jul 13, 2012

Scientists from the European Commission Joint Research Centre studied the effects of binary mixtures on neuronal networks cultured on multi-electrode array chips. The six chemicals investigated for neurotoxicity were selected according to their mode of action, the possibility for exposure of a consumer and to the amount of data available from the literature concerning their effects on the nervous system.

All chemicals were characterised and assessed for their combined effects. Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy was employed to confirm that there was no direct reaction of chemicals in the mixture or the formation of complexes.

The results obtained demonstrated that the combination of in vitro test methods with theoretical dose-response modelling is likely to prove a powerful tool for the evaluation of mixture neurotoxicity without resorting to animal testing.

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B. Scelfo, M. Politi, F. Reniero, T. Palosaari, M. Whelan, J.-M. Zaldívar, "Application of multielectrode array (MEA) chips for the evaluation of mixtures neurotoxicity", Toxicology, Volume 299, Issues 2–3, 28 September 2012, Pages 172–183. Doi: 10.1016/j.tox.2012.05.020

Photo: Neurons on multi-electrode array (MEA) chip. Copyright EU 2012