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Alternative testing methods-ECVAM: meetings of PARERE network and ESTAF

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May 26, 2011 08:30 AM to
May 27, 2011 05:30 PM
JRC Ispra, Varese, Italy
Organizer: JRC-IHCP, ECVAM
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26.05.2011 and 27.05.2011 in JRC Ispra, Varese

On 26 May, contact points nominated by Member States and EU agencies will meet at the JRC (Joint Research Centre) to set up the operational activities of a network for the Preliminary Assessment of Regulatory Relevance (known as PARERE), to assess regulatory relevance of test methods submitted to the JRC's/IHCP's European Centre for the Validation of Alternative Methods (ECVAM) for validation. The PARERE network will allow ECVAM to gather regulatory views on the relevance and potential suitability of promising methods for input into ECVAM's priority setting process.


This will be followed on the 27 May by the first meeting of ECVAM's Stakeholder Forum to discuss envisaged roles and modes of operation, in particular for the approach to mutual sharing/dissemination of information on activities of ECVAM and its stakeholders.


ECVAM is currently restructuring and intensifying its dialogue with the stakeholder community.


To strengthen interaction with regulatory stakeholders on Member State and EU level and to respond to the requirements of the revised Directive on the protection of animals used for scientific procedures (Dir. 2010/63), ECVAM has set-up the PARERE expert network dedicated to the assessment of regulatory relevance of test methods proposed for validation. 

On 26 May, the contact points nominated by Member States and EU agencies will meet at the JRC to discuss the PARERE's operations. In addition to providing relevance assessments, the PARERE network may help to identify regulatory experts with the necessary expertise to support specific aspects of test method validation such as chemical selection in view of the optimised regulatory applicability of test methods.


To foster participatory engagement with its non-regulatory stakeholders, ECVAM has, in April this year, created the "ECVAM Stakeholder Forum" (ESTAF) bringing together 15 European stakeholder organisations from academia, industry and civil society/animal welfare.

On May 27 representatives of these organisations will meet with the Commission to discuss ESTAF's envisaged roles, modes of operation and, importantly, the expectations of stakeholders. The roles of ESTAF include the representation of specific interests (advocacy), the voicing of societal concerns (e.g. animal welfare issues, sustainable testing) and the mutual sharing/dissemination of information on activities of ECVAM and its stakeholders. Moreover, ECVAM will harvest stakeholder expertise and opinion as input into priority setting and in view of forward-looking aspects of test method development, validation and application. This may include collaborative work directly supporting ECVAM's mission.