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40th meeting of EURL ECVAM's Scientific Advisory Committee (ESAC)

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Oct 27, 2014

Scientific peer review of three validation studies on alternative assays and final advice to EURL ECVAM

The EURL ECVAM's Scientific Advisory Committee (ESAC) met in Ispra to finalise the scientific peer review of three validation studies on alternative assays and to conclude on its final advice to EURL ECVAM (the EU Reference Laboratory for Alternatives to Animal Testing).

  • One of the EURL ECVAM studies relates to a method for measuring the induction of Cytochrome P450 enzymes in human-derived liver cell cultures (freeze-preserved primary hepatocytes and HepaRG cells lines). Such induction information may support assessing whether and to which extent chemicals may affect the activity of CYP enzymes involved in metabolic modification of endogenous molecules (e.g. steroid hormones) and of chemicals taken up from the environment.
  • The other EURL ECVAM study concerned a test method based on reconstructed human tissue (keratinocyte derived) for assessing the eye irritation potential of chemicals. Both assays will have to be used in conjunction with other information.
  • The external study concerned a "me-too" method for in vitro skin irritation testing based on reconstructed human epidermis.

ESAC concluded the review of all three studies and will deliver its final opinions to EURL ECVAM within the coming weeks.

Another important point of discussion related to ensuring the consistency of scientific evaluations and peer reviews of finalised validation studies and, even more so, the development of possible best practices for validation design, e.g. statistics, acceptance criteria.

Photo: Group of participants to the 40th ESAC meeting. Copyright EU 2014.