Danish (Q)SAR Database

This Danish (Q)SAR database is a repository of estimates from over 70 (Q)SAR models for 166,072 chemicals. The (Q)SAR models encompass endpoints for physicochemical properties, fate, eco-toxicity, absorption, metabolism and toxicity.

Key features of the program:

  • Internet platform requiring Java functionality.
  • Enables structure searches by drawing of 2D fragments / structures.
  • Enables searches on CAS, chemical name and any of the parameter fields (endpoint, inventory).
  • Displays (Q)SAR predictions and 2D structure image in a html format for individual records.

Access to the Danish (Q)SAR Database

The Danish (Q)SAR Database, which was developed with sponsorship from the JRC, is freely accessible via the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) website.
Access to the Danish (Q)SAR Database (Technical University of Denmark server)