The US/EC Joint Project on Evaluation of (Q)SARs

In 1989, the OECD organised a workshop on Notification Schemes for New Chemicals, during which it was recommended that the (Q)SARs in use by the US EPA should be evaluated in terms of their predictive power. It was recommended that this should be achieved by applying (Q)SARs to chemicals for which test data had been obtained in the context of the EU New Chemicals notification scheme, so that QSAR predictions could be compared with independent experimental data.

To follow up this recommendation, the US EPA and the European Commission undertook a joint project in which predictions for 144 substances were made by using the US EPA (Q)SARs for a wide variety of physicochemical properties, ecotoxicological effects and human health effects. The study identified promising areas for the wider application of (Q)SARs, such as biodegradation and acute toxicity to fish and Daphnia, as well as areas where further work was needed, such as the development of (Q)SARs for human health effects.

The outcome of the US/EC project was published as OECD Environment Monograph no. 88, and detailed documents on the outcome of the study can be downloaded from the following website: