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High Throughput Screening and Test Development

Cells plate

In House QCs for iPSCs characterization. Copyright EU 2012Rapid progress in scientific knowledge as well as the development of emerging technologies offers the opportunity to improve safety assessments of industrial chemicals, chemicals in consumer products as well as pesticides and biocides while reducing the number of experimental animals.

New strategies based on a comprehensive mechanistic understanding of how chemicals can cause adverse effects in humans have been proposed and are currently further developed as part of huge research programmes such as the Research Initiative "Towards the replacement of in vivo repeated dose systemic toxicity testing” that has been launched by the 'Health' Theme of the Directorate General for Research and Innovation of the European Commission and Cosmetics Europe. 

Before this new generation of mechanism based in vitro tests can be used in routine toxicological applications, the relevance of these tools needs to be carefully assessed. In this context EURL ECVAM 'Test development and HTS' team is focusing on:

  • Development of concepts for the establishment of stem cell based in vitro tests that are able to assess the perturbation of physiological pathways (“toxicity pathways”)
  • Analysis of cellular models in particular stem cell models whether they are fit for purpose including the definition of quality controls
  • The qualification of selected intermediate effects or biomarker, their sensitivity and specificity
  • The suitability of related readout technologies in particular imaging techniques
  • Prevalence assessment of “toxicity” pathways in a defined chemical domain by using high throughput screening. 
  • Toxicological profiling of chemicals and nanoparticles leading to the formation categories based on common mechanisms by using data deriving from high throughput testing 

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Photos: a) Cell plate. Copyright EU 2012. b) In House QCs for iPSCs characterization. Copyright EU 2012.