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JRC publishes report from expert group on endocrine disrupters

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Jul 01, 2014
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Scientific deliberation around the difficult issue of thresholds

The Joint Research Centre has published a further report from the Endocrine Disrupters Expert Advisory Group (ED EAG) capturing the experts' scientific reflections on the nature of biological responses of an organism to an ED and if such responses should be considered as threshold dependent, or not, with respect to dose. 

A focus of the EAG was the consideration of thresholds in the context of potential adverse effects of regulatory concern in humans and the environment. The challenges and uncertainties associated with reliably estimating thresholds from experimental data were also examined, with acknowledgement that such issues are not unique to EDs but are also encountered for some other types of toxicants. Decisions regarding thresholds can ultimately influence how chemicals are regulated in certain situations - for example, what options are available for the authorisation of chemicals designated as EDs under REACH. 

The ED EAG is composed of (eco)toxicologists with regulatory and endocrinology backgrounds, nominated by Member State Competent Authorities, industry associations and non-governmental organisations.