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Increasing momentum towards the use of alternative methods in Asia

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Jul 11, 2014

Visit of the Korean Testing and Research Institute (KTR) to EURL ECVAM

A delegation from the Korean Testing and Research Institute (KTR) visited EURL ECVAM (the European Union Reference Laboratory for Alternatives to Animal Testing) in early July to gain insight into EURL ECVAM's approach towards the development, validation and international recognition of alternative methods to animal testing and to discuss best practices and main challenges with respect to their scientific evaluation.

KTR tests and certifies standards for a wide range of applications ranging from heavy industrial equipment, medical devices and electrical appliances to methods for safety testing of chemicals. KTR is currently setting up a new facility dedicated to the use of alternative in vitro methods to complement its existing facilities for conducting traditional animal tests. The KTR visitors stressed that there is increasing momentum in Asia towards the use of in vitro test methods instead of animal testing. The visit on 2nd July served to share experiences and best practices with KTR and to identify cornerstones of a rigorous scientific evaluation and validation of alternative methods, ready for standardised use. Moreover, challenges and new techniques towards test methods prioritisation, identification and development  were illustrated through EURL ECVAM's activities in SEURAT-1 and the development of Adverse Outcome Pathways (AOP). KTR may in the future conduct validation studies on in vitro methods on behalf of EURL ECVAM's Korean counterpart KoCVAM, with which the European Commission Joint Research Centre is collaborating under the ICATM Memorandum of Cooperation.

Photo: Staff from KTR and EURL ECVAM.