Inaugural meeting of EU-NETVAL

Event details
Jun 26, 2014 09:00 AM to
Jun 27, 2014 05:30 PM
EURL ECVAM, Ispra (Varese), Italy
Organizer: EURL ECVAM

European Union Network of Laboratories for the Validation of Alternative Methods

EU-NETVAL's mission is to provide support for validation studies performed by EURL ECVAM (the European Union Reference Laboratory for Alternatives to Animal Testing) aimed at assessing the reliability and relevance of alternative methods that have a potential to replace, reduce or refine the use of animals for scientific purposes. 

The inaugural meeting of the network will gather its 26 current members of EU-NETVAL in a face-to-face event this week. This first meeting is intended:

  • to clarify the legislative anchors related to the establishment of the network, its terms of reference, the collaborative platforms the network will use, the way EURL ECVAM runs multi-study validation trials;
  • to present examples of recent validation studies;
  • to discuss the launch of a ring-trial aimed at developing guidelines and standards for in vitro test methods based on Androgen Receptor Transactivation Assays (ARTA), for eventual international regulatory acceptance by the OECD Test Guideline Programme and support to the implementation of the EU Community Strategy for Endocrine Disrupters and the OECD Conceptual Framework for the Testing and Assessment of Endrocrine Disrupting Chemicals;
  • to discuss cooperation on the development of practical guidance on "Good In Vitro Method Practices".

These topics will be illustrated by speakers from various European Commission services (Joint Research Centre, EURL ECVAM; Directorate-General for Environment; Directorate-General for Enterprise and Industry) and the OECD.

Background information:

Legislative Driver of EU-NETVAL: Directive 2010/63/EU recital article 47 "2. Member States shall assist the Commission in identifying and nominating suitable specialised and qualified laboratories to carry out such validation studies.”

Who can be an EU-NETVAL Member? At present, any test facility suitably qualified to carry out in vitro methods and residing within an EU country or EU candidate country, or EFTA member country and complying with the EU-NEVAL eligibility criteria. 

Currently EU-NETVAL comprises 26 members (including 25 test facilities from EU Member States plus the European Commission's own in vitro GLP test facility operated by EURL ECVAM, which coordinates the network); these members are selected against pre-defined eligibility criteria and approved by the National Contact Points.

The Terms of Reference for EU-NETVAL outline the legislative anchor, the establishment of the network and the maintenance of its membership, tasks of the network members and of EURL ECVAM in support to validation studies, the allocation of tasks to the members, and the financing of network activities (approved by the National Contact Points of  Directive 2010/63/EU on 26/11/2013).