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JRC QSAR Model Database

JRC QSAR Model Database homepage

In the regulatory assessment of chemicals, (Q)SAR models are playing an increasingly important role in predicting properties needed for hazard and risk assessment and for which data gaps exist.  The JRC QSAR Model Inventory is an inventory of information on the validity of (Q)SAR models that have been submitted to the JRC. The database is intended to help to identify valid (Q)SARs, e.g. for the purposes of REACH. The QSAR  Model Reporting Format (QMRF) is a harmonised template for summarising and reporting key information on (Q)SAR models, including the results of any validation studies. The information is structured according to the OECD principles for the validation of (Q)SAR models.

Developers and users of (Q)SAR models can submit information on (Q)SARs by using the (Q)SAR Model Reporting Format (QMRF).  The JRC will then perform a quality control (i.e. adequacy and completeness of the documentation) of the QMRFs submitted, so that properly documented summaries of (Q)SARs (i.e. robust summaries) can be included in the JRC QSAR  Model Database. Inclusion of the model in the QSAR  Model Database does not imply acceptance or endorsement by the JRC or the European Commission. Responsibility for use of the models lies with the end-users.