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Workshop "Stakeholders' needs for an EU Endocrine Active Substances Database "

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Oct 01, 2010
Organizer: IHCP

"The journey of a thousand miles starts from where one stands"*

On 21 and 22 October 2010, the IHCP hosted the International Workshop on "Stakeholders' needs for an EU Endocrine Active Substances Database". The workshop aimed at collecting the views of systems toxicologists, computational modellers, risk assessors and regulators about existing needs for data collection and sharing, and turn them into an ideal list of requirements for a new EU Web-based Information System on Endocrine Actives Substances, to be developed and hosted by the JRC. 

The event was aimed at attracting potential stakeholders in the process of collecting and using scientific information on substances interfering with the endocrine system, and was organised following the mandate recently received by the IHCP from DG Environment to develop a web-based IT resource that can contain this kind of information. 
This IT resource should serve scientists and regulators to find up-to-date information, but also provide the scientific community with a tool to make new research results publicly available, so that the body of knowledge on this matter can grow with time, for the benefit of the entire community of stakeholders. Making the system capable of exchanging data with equivalent or complementary resources at International level would also be one important goal.

The workshop was attended by experts from EU Research Organisations, National Regulatory Bodies and NGOs, and by representatives from U.S. Federal Bodies (U.S. FDA, U.S. EPA and U.S. NIEHS) and the OECD. Colleagues of other European Commission DGs, and from EU agencies (EFSA and ECHA) were also present. In two days of interesting presentations and lively discussion, lots of extremely interesting and constructive comments were harvested. This will be extremely helpful for the IHCP staff working on this project to define the specifications of the new system.

First summary overview of the workshop

A more detailed overview of the outcomes of the workshop will be soon available on this site, once all inputs collected have been further analysed.

* Lao Tzu, quoted from AskOxford site