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Information sources and databases on Endocrine Active Substances

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Feb 22, 2011
JRC, IHCP (P. Castello and A. Worth)

An overview of the current status

In September 2010 the Joint Research Centre Institute for Health and Consumer Protection (JRC-IHCP) received from DG Environment (DG ENV) a mandate to take over the work already done by DG ENV for establishing a priority list of substances and develop it further towards a Web-based Information System on Endocrine Active Substances (EAS Web Portal).

Within this context, the IHCP has been reviewing, between September 2010 and January 2011, the current status of information sources worldwide related with Endocrine Active Substances (EAS). The review work was based on a combination of literature and internet research, as well as on direct contacts with different organisations which host or use information systems directly or potentially related with EAS.

In this report, three types of information resources are analysed:

  • existing databases with data on endocrine disrupters
  • software tools and computer models
  • IT systems and/or conceptual approaches not specifically focusing on EAS, which may nevertheless inspire the design of the new database.

The review described in the report was not meant to be exhaustive at this stage, nor did it imply that all the concepts described in this document should be implemented in the future EAS Web Portal, as horizon screening will continue for the whole duration of the project.