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Chemical Lists Information System (CheLIST)

In order to boost the development of alternative (non-animal) testing methods, and to support the development and assessment of computational and in vitro models for predictive toxicology, there is a need to identify chemicals for which reliable experimental data are available.

chelist home screenshot

The Chemical Lists Information System (CheLIST) developed by the Institute for Health and Consumer Protection (IHCP) provides a means of identifying whether a chemical (or chemical group) has been tested in a range of research projects (including EU-funded and JRC projects), and also whether the chemical of interest is regulated (listed under a specific regulatory inventory).

appletInformation is provided on chemical identifiers (e.g. name, CAS number) and chemical structure, and the database can be searched according to these types of information. The various datasets and inventories can also be compared in order to identify overlaps in chemical membership.

Links to sources of experimental data, and participation in the OECD eChemPortal is envisaged.

Photos: Screenshots of CheLIST. Copyright EU 2014.