JRC steered important update of EU Test Methods Regulation

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Feb 08, 2012

21 methods validated, of which 5 alternative-to-animal-testing methods

The EU Test Methods Regulation (TMR) aims to ensure international harmonisation and is an important implementation tool for the REACH Regulation. Methods to assess the toxicity of chemical substances are only inserted, subsequent to their development, into the TMR after adoption in the OECD Test Guidelines (TG) Programme. Besides development of new methods, existing ones need to be updated on the basis of scientific advancement.

The European Commission Joint Research Centre (JRC) plays an important role by ensuring that the method description is compliant with EU needs. In addition, the JRC in close collaboration with EU Member States plays a critical role at a global level (OECD) by ensuring the OECD TGs are adequate for European needs and standards. 

In 2011, the JRC delivered the final text of 21 methods to the European Commission, Directorate General for Environment to be incorporated into the TMR. As a particular emphasis is given to alternative-to-animal-testing methods, 5 of the 21 methods were alternative methods which were prior validated by the JRC-hosted European Reference Laboratory for Alternative Methods to Animal Testing (EURL-ECVAM).

Alternatives to animal testing: JRC-IHCP facilities. Copyright EU 2011