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The Potential of Physicochemical and Immunochemical Assays to Replace Animal Tests in the Quality Control of Toxoid Vaccines. ECVAM Workshop Report 61.

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Oct 25, 2010
Metz et al. (2007)

Metz et al. (2007). ATLA 35, 323-331.

The workshop on the potential of physicochemical and immunochemical assays to replace animal tests in the quality control of toxoid vaccines was held at ECVAM on 14-15 April 2005. The objectives of the workshop were:

a) to review the state-of-the-art of physicochemical, biochemical and immunochemical tests for the quality control of diphtheria and tetanus toxoid vaccines; and

b) to identify possibilities for and limitations to their use in the regulatory framework, i.e. for replacing the use of in vivo tests.

The outcome of the discussions and the recommendations of the workshop participants are summarised in this report.