File PDF document ESTAF meeting 2011 Draft agenda
File PDF document PARERE 2011 draft agenda
File PDF document PARERE-ESTAF 2012 draft agenda
File PDF document PARERE Advisory Group Executive Summary of the first Meeting
A first meeting of the PARERE was held on 26 May 2011 at the Institute for Health and Consumer Protection (IHCP), JRC, Ispra, Italy.
File PDF document Joint Meeting of the PARERE and the ESTAF - summary record
This was the 2nd joint meeting of PARERE and ESTAF organised by EURL ECVAM. The meeting was primarily dedicated to updates on EURL ECVAM activities regarding test method submissions, validation studies, peer reviews, Recommendations and the establishment of the new ESAC, in addition to updates on dissemination and communication activities and the presentation of a new draft EURL ECVAM strategy for genotoxicity. The meeting agenda is included in Annex I. Slide presentations during the meeting are available at the CIRCABC website.
File PDF document Summary Record Meeting of the PARERE Advisory Network
Discussions during the PARERE meeting of June 2013 centred on the current state-of-play regarding the establishment of the PARERE network in MS and its important role in helping to shape EURL ECVAM strategies and prioritise actions towards method validation, promotion and acceptance.
File PDF document PARERE ESTAF Sep 2012 executive summary
File PDF document Agenda PARERE Meeting 4 June 2013
File PDF document Agenda PARERE-ESTAF Meeting 6 June 2013
File PDF document Agenda PARERE-ESTAF Workshop 5 June 2013
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