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Procedure - Call for the Expression of Interest in the EURL ECVAM Stakeholder Forum (ESTAF)


Why is EURL ECVAM setting up a stakeholder forum?

  • EURL ECVAM's relation with its stakeholders is reciprocal: EURL ECVAM-validated methods help stakeholders comply with regulatory requirements, provide them with mechanism-based and robust methods to improve their R&D and address the societal concerns regarding animal testing. Equally EURL ECVAM's output depends on the work and input of its stakeholders. Notably, valuable scientific, technical and societal expertise resides within the stakeholder community which is moreover the major source of test submissions for EURL ECVAM validation.
  • To strengthen participatory approaches supporting communication and cooperation with the stakeholder community, EURL ECVAM created the EURL ECVAM Stakeholder Forum (ESTAF), which brings together ECVAM's non-governmental stakeholders (e.g. industry associations, civil society / non-governmental organisations and research foundations & organisations).
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See also a more detailed description of ESTAF

You can also download the ESTAF flyer:


Expression of interest in ESTAF

EURL ECVAM is publishing an Open Invitation addressed to stakeholder organisations that can if fulfilling the criteria outlined below submit an expression of interest in the EURL ECVAM Stakeholder Forum (ESTAF).


Which organisations can submit an expression of interest?

All Stakeholder Organisations able demonstrate that they

    1. have a passive or active stake in the area of alternative methods to animal testing,
    2. i.e. are affected by or do affect the development (including relevant basic research) / optimisation / validation / use of alternative methods with respect to scientific, technical, societal, ethical or other issues.
    3. operate on European (EU) level (exceptions may apply).

Submitting an expression of interest

To be admissible, Expressions of Interest must be submitted following the procedure outlined and be based on the downloadable ESTAF Expression of Interest Form.


Stakeholder Organisations are encouraged to identify already in the ESTAF Expression of Interest Form a possible Representative who may, in case of selection of the organisation for ESTAF, participate on behalf of the organisation in ESTAF.


Expressions of interest can be submitted by

    1. the person intended to represent the stakeholder organisation at ESTAF in case of selection (=the Representative) or
    2. any other person entitled to do so by the stakeholder organisation (=the Submitter)


Expressions of Interest can be submitted continuously and will be regularly evaluated by EURL ECVAM.


Personal Data Protection - open call

Personal Data Protection
1. Processing of personal data in the context of the open call

The European Union is committed to user privacy. The policy on "protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data by the Community institutions" is based on Regulation (EC) N° 45/2001 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 18 December 2000. This general policy covers the European Union's family of institutional Web Sites, on Intranet as well as on Internet. This current web based service treats your personal information according to the policy described in the Regulation mentioned above. Moreover, the provisions of the EUROPA website do apply also to this web application.

In this context, your data, provided on a voluntary basis, are used to allow us to contact you regarding your expression of interest in the EEP. You are assured that your data are stored in conformity with the privacy policy indicated above and that the provisions of the EU Regulation are applied.

By clicking the button below and continuing with your application, you accept and agree with these provisions.

2. Processing of personal data to create member lists, contact lists and databases

By clicking the button below you also accept and agree that your personal data as furnished in the context of this open invitation are used and processed to create a contact list and database containing

a) The submitter's name, surname, affiliation, contact details;

b) If different from the submitter: The name, surname, affiliation, contact details and scientific profile of an individual suggested to represent the Stakeholder Organisation at ESTAF, should the organisation be selected for membership in the ESTAF;

c) The Stakeholder Organisation's Name, Working area, profile, possible contribution to ESTAF, advocacy statement and contact details.

For more information please download the following document:
pdf icon Specific Privacy Statement concerning the processing of personal data of Representatives of Stakeholder Organisations with an interest in the ESTAF

By clicking the button below and continuing with your submission you accept and agree with above described data processing steps.

3. Advocacy Statement of Stakeholder Organisation

In case of selection of the submitting organisation for membership in the ESTAF, the Stakeholder Organisation needs to forward an Advocacy Statement which describes what the Organisation advocates. In case of selection, this statement will be published on EURL ECVAM's website.

For more information, please download the template for ESTAF Advocacy Statements :
pdf icon Template: Advocacy Statement of Stakeholder Organisations

Please note that continuing with your submission you accept the requirement of these declarations/statement.


ESTAF Application

Procedure for submitting an Expression of Interest:

(1) Download all documents relevant for the Expression of Interest from EURL ECVAM's website

(2) Complete the word icon ESTAF Expression of Interest form and send it to


Downloadable documents relevant for the Expression of Interest in the ESTAF

NoDocumentDescriptionRequired for the expression of interest in the ESTAFProviding additional information
1 word icon ESTAF Submission of Interest Form (WORD) To be admissible, expressions of interest submitted to EURL ECVAM must use this form X  
pdf icon Open Invitation for the Expression of Interest in the ESTAF (PDF) Background document outlining the scope of the ESTAF X  
3 pdf icon Consent Form (PDF) Required in case of selection of the Stakeholder Organisation for membership in the ESTAF. Representatives need to give their consent to the processing of their personal information and the publication of their names and other information on EURL ECVAM's website   X



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