International Cooperation

With global validation partners (ICATM, ICCR), the OECD's Test Guideline Programme (OECD TGP), US EPA and other research projects partners


Cooperation with the ICATM

EURL ECVAM has recently strengthened collaboration with its closest partners in the field of validation through the International Cooperation on Alternative Test Methods (ICATM). This agreement of at present five International validation bodies foresees intensified communication and collaboration during the planning and execution of validation studies on alternative methods, during peer review of these studies and with respect to the development of (where feasible harmonised) test method recommendations. Read more...


Cooperation with the OECD

Another key international partner is the Organisation for the Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), notably through its Test Guidelines Programme (OECD TGP).
The OECD Test Guidelines are a collection of the most relevant internationally agreed test methods used by government, industry and independent laboratories to determine the safety of chemicals and chemical preparations, including pesticides and industrial chemicals. They cover tests for the physical-chemical properties of chemicals, human health effects, environmental effects, and degradation and accumulation in the environment.
EURL ECVAM scientists are participating in various OECD expert groups towards the development of test guidelines on alternative methods.


Cooperation with the ICCR

EURL ECVAM is supporting the activities of the International Cooperation on Cosmetics Regulation (ICCR).
The ICCR is an international group of cosmetic regulatory authorities from the United States (Food and Drug Administration), Japan (Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare) , the European Union (European Commission, Directorate-General for Health and Consumer Protection), and Canada (Health Canada). This multilateral framework maintains the highest level of global consumer protection, while minimizing barriers to international trade. See Terms of Reference for ICCR


Recent international cooperation initiatives

EURL ECVAM, through the European Commission's Joint Research Centre, Institute for Consumer and Health Protection (IHCP), is involved in various international cooperation initiatives in the context of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the World Health Organisation (WHO) and with US governmental organisations (Tox21). 

EURL ECVAM is also a main contributor to the FP7 research initiative SEURAT-1, the largest EU project ever on alternative methods focussing on the replacement of in vivo repeated dose systemic toxicity testing. SEURAT-1 is co-funded by the European Commission and Cosmetics Europe. Read more...

A recent example is the collaboration with US EPA, IPSC/WHO, OECD and other international organisations in the development of AOP WIKI, an IT tool for crowdsourcing information about Adverse Outcome Pathways (AOP). More on AOP and AOP Wiki…