Workshop reports

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Pfuhler S, Kirkland D, Kasper P, Hayashi M, Vanparys P, Carmichael P, Dertinger S, Eastmond D, Elhajouji A, Krul C, Rothfuss A, Schoening G, Smith A, Speit G, Thomas C, van Benthem J, Corvi R. Reduction of Use of Animals in Regulatory Genotoxicity Testing: Identification and Implementation Opportunities - Report from an ECVAM Workshop. Mutat Res 680(1-2):31-2009. null
Overcoming Barriers to Validation of Non-animal Partial Replacement Methods/Integrated Testing Strategies. EPAA-ECVAM Workshop Report. Kinsner et al.(2009). ATLA 37, 1-8. null
The Development of Novel Approaches to the Identification of Chemical and Protein Respiratory Allergens. Progress made from the Conclusions and Recommendations of ECVAM Workshop 60. E.Roggen et al.(2008). ATLA 36, 591-598. null
Optimisation of the Post-validation Process. ECVAM Workshop Report 67. Bottini et al.(2008). ATLA 36, 353-366. null
Points of Reference in the Validation Process. ECVAM Workshop Report 66. Hoffmann et al.(2008). ATLA 36, 343-352. null
An Evaluation of Performance Standards and Nonradioactive Endpoints for the Local Lymph Node Assay. ECVAM Workshop Report 65. Basketter et al. (2008). ATLA 36, 243-257. null
Chemical Reactivity Measurement and the Predictive Identification of Skin Sensitisers. ECVAM Workshop Report 64. Gerberick et al. (2008). ATLA 36, 215-242. null
The consistency approach for the quality control of vaccines. Report of an ECVAM Workshop. Hendriksen et al. (2008). Biologicals 36(1), 73-77. (doi:10.1016/j.biologicals.2007.05.002)  
Updated: hESC Technology for Toxicology and Drug Development: Summary of Current Status and Recommendations for Best Practice and Standardization. The Report and Recommendations of an ECVAM Workshop. Adler et al. Unpublished report null
Physiologically-based Kinetic Modelling (PBK Modelling): Meeting the 3Rs Agenda. ECVAM Workshop Report 63. Bouvier d'Yvoire et al. (2007). ATLA 35, 661-671. null
In Vitro Tests for Detecting Chemicals Affecting the Embryo Implantation Process. A Strategic Workshop of the EU ReProTect Project. ECVAM Workshop Report 62. Bremer et al. (2007). ATLA 35, 421-439. null
The Potential of Physicochemical and Immunochemical Assays to Replace Animal Tests in the Quality Control of Toxoid Vaccines. ECVAM Workshop Report 61. Metz et al. (2007). ATLA 35, 323-331. null
Chemical Respiratory Allergy: Opportunities for Hazard Identification and Characterisation. ECVAM Workshop Report 60. Kimber et al. (2007). ATLA 35, 243-265. null
Workgroup Report: Incorporating In Vitro Alternative Methods for Developmental Neurotoxicity into International Hazard and Risk Assessment Strategies. Coecke et al. (2007). Environmental Health Perspectives115(6), 924-931. (doi:10.1289/ehp.9427) null
How to reduce false positive results when undertaking in vitro genotoxicity testing and thus avoid unnecessary follow-up animal tests: Report of an ECVAM Workshop. Kirkland et al. (2007). Mutation Research 628 (1), 31-55. (doi:10.1016/j.mrgentox.2006.11.008)  
Skin Sensitisation and Epidermal Disposition: The Relevance of Epidermal Disposition for Sensitisation Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment. ECVAM Workshop Report 59. Basketter et al. (2007). ATLA 35, 137-154. null
Validation of Toxicogenomics-Based Test Systems: ECVAM- ICCVAM/NICEATM Considerations for Regulatory Use. Corvi et al. (2006). Environmental Health Perspectives 114 (3), 420-429. (doi:10.1289/ehp.8247) null
The Principles of Weight of Evidence Validation of Test Methods and Testing Strategies. ECVAM Workshop Report 58. Balls et al. (2006). ATLA 34, 603-620. null
The Practical Application of Three Validated In Vitro Embryotoxicity Tests. ECVAM Workshop Report 57. Spielmann et al. (2006). ATLA 34, 527-538. null
The Assessment of Repeated Dose Toxicity In Vitro: A Proposed Approach. ECVAM Workshop Report 56. Prieto et al. (2006). ATLA 34, 315-341. null
Three Rs Approaches in Marine Biotoxin Testing. ECVAM Workshop Report 55. Hess et al. (2006). ATLA 34, 193-224. null
Metabolism: A Bottleneck in In Vitro Toxicological Test Development. ECVAM Workshop 54. Coecke et al. (2006). ATLA 34, 49-84. null
2001 - 2005  
The Effects of Chemicals on Mammalian Fertility. The First Stratetic Workshop of the EU ReProTect Project. ECVAM Workshop Report 53. Bremer et al. (2005). ATLA 33, 391-416. null
Current status of methods for defining the applicability domain of (Quantitative) Structure-Activity Relationships. ECVAM Workshop Report 52. Netzeva et al. (2005). ATLA 33, 155-173. null
Dendritic Cells as a Tool for the Predictive Identification of Skin Sensitisation Hazard. ECVAM Workshop Report 51. Casati et al. (2005). ATLA 33, 47-62. null
Strategies to Replace In Vivo Acute Systemic Toxicity Testing. ECVAM Workshop Report 50. Gennari et al. (2004). ATLA 32, 437-459. null
Blood-Brain Barrier In Vitro models and their Application in Toxicology. ECVAM Workshop Report 49. Prieto et al. (2004). ATLA 32, 37-50. null
Three Rs Approaches in the Quality Control of Inactivated Rabies Vaccines. ECVAM Workshop Report 48. Bruckner et al. (2003). ATLA 31, 429-454. null
The Use of Fish Cells in Ecotoxicology. ECVAM Workshop Report 47. Castaño et al. (2003). ATLA 31, 317-351. null
In Vitro Models of the Intestinal Barrier. ECVAM Workshop Report 46. Le Ferrec, E. et al. (2001) ATLA 29, 649-668. null
Novel Advanced In Vitro Methods for Long-term Toxicity Testing. ECVAM Workshop Report 45. Pfaller, W. et al. (2001) ATLA 29, 393-426. null
The Establishment of Human Research Tissue Banking in the UK and Several Western European Countries. ECVAM Workshop Report 44. Anderson, R. et al. (2001) ATLA 29, 125-134. null
Novel Pyrogen Tests Based on the Human Fever Reaction. ECVAM Workshop Report 43. Hartung, T. et al. (2001) ATLA 29, 99-123. null
The Second ECVAM Workshop on Phototoxicity Testing. ECVAM Workshop Report 42. Spielmann, H. et al. (2000) ATLA 28, 777-814. null
Three Rs Approaches in the Production and Quality Control of Avian Vaccines. ECVAM Workshop Report 41. Bruckner, L. et al. (2000) ATLA 28, 241-258. null
Biomarkers as Predictive Tools in Toxicity Testing. ECVAM Workshop Report 40. Benford, D.J. et al. (2000) ATLA 28, 119-131. null
Cell Transformation Assays as Predictors of Human Carcinogenicity. ECVAM Workshop Report 39. Combes, R. et al. (1999) ATLA 27, 745-767. null
The Use of Human Keratinocytes and Human Skin Models for Predicting Skin Irritation. ECVAM Workshop Report 38. Van de Sandt, J. et al. (1999) ATLA 27, 723-743. null
The Priniciples of Good Laboratory Practice: Application to In Vitro Toxicology Studies. ECVAM Workshop Report 37. Cooper-Hannan, R. et al. (1999) ATLA 27, 539-577. null
The Potential Use of Non-invasive Methods in the Safety Assessment of Cosmetic Products. ECVAM Workshop Report 36. Rogiers, V. et al. (1999) ATLA 27, 515-537. null
The Production of Polyclonal Antibodies in Laboratory Animals. ECVAM Workshop Report 35. Leenaars, M. et al. (1999) ATLA 27, 79-102. null
Eye Irritation Testing: The Way Forward. ECVAM Workshop Report 34. Balls, M. et al. (1999) ATLA 27, 53-77. null
Alternatives to the Use of Animals in Higher Education. ECVAM Workshop Report 33. Van der Valk, J. et al. (1998) ATLA 27, 39-52. null
The Availability of Human Tissue for Biomedical Research. ECVAM Workshop Report 32. Anderson, A. et al. (1998) ATLA 26, 763-777. null
Validation of Alternative Methods for the Potency Testing of Vaccines. ECVAM Workshop Report 31. Hendriksen, C. et al. (1998) ATLA 26, 747-761. null
Non-animal Tests for Evaluating the Toxicity of Solid Xenobiotics. ECVAM Workshop Report 30. Fubini, B. et al. (1998) ATLA 26, 579-617. null
Reducing the Use of Laboratory Animals in Biomedical Research: Problems and Possible Solutions. ECVAM Workshop Report 29. Festing, M.F.W. et al. (1998) ATLA 26, 283-301. null
The Use of Transgenic Animals in the European Union. ECVAM Workshop Report 28. Mepham,T.B. et al. (1998) ATLA 26, 21-43. null
Issues Relating to the Release of Proprietary Information and Data for Use in the Validation of Alternative Methods. ECVAM Workshop Report 27. Todd, M. et al. (1998) ATLA 26, 13-20. null
Genetically Engineered Cell Lines: Characterisation and Applications in Toxicity Testing. ECVAM Workshop Report 26. Wiebel, F.J. et al. (1997) ATLA 25, 625-639. null
Current Status and Future Developments of Databases on Alternative Methods. ECVAM Workshop Report 25. Janusch, A. et al. (1997) ATLA 25, 411-422. null
The Development and Validation of Expert Systems for Predicting Toxicity. ECVAM Workshop Report 24. Dearden, J.C. et al. (1997) ATLA 25, 223-252. null
Monoclonal Antibody Production. ECVAM Workshop Report 23. Marx, U. et al. (1997) ATLA 25, 121-137. null
Pharmacokinetics in Early Drug Research. ECVAM Workshop Report 22. Leahy, D.E. et al. (1997) ATLA 25, 17-31. null
The Production of Avian (Egg Yolk) Antibodies: IgY. ECVAM Workshop Report 21. Schade et al. (1996) ATLA 24, 925-934. null
The Use of Tissue Slices for Pharmacotoxicology Studies. ECVAM Workshop Report 20. Bach et al. (1996) ATLA 24, 893-923. null
Alternative Methods for Skin Sensitisation Testing. ECVAM Workshop Report 19. de Siliva et al. (1996) ATLA 24, 683-705. null
In Vitro Tests for Respiratory Toxicity. ECVAM Workshop Report 18. Lambre et al. (1996) ATLA 24, 671-681. null
Alternatives to the Animal Testing of Medical Devices. ECVAM Workshop Report 17. Svedsen et al. (1996) ATLA 24, 659-669. null
Acute Toxicity Testing In Vitro and the Classification and Labelling of Chemicals. ECVAM Workshop Report 16. Seibert et al. (1996) ATLA 24, 499-510. null
The Use of Biokinetics and In Vitro Methods in Toxicological Risk Evaluation. ECVAM Workshop Report 15. Blaauboer et al. (1996) ATLA 24, 473-497. null
The Use of In Vitro Systems for Evaluating Haematotoxicity. ECVAM Workshop Report 14. Gribaldo et al. (1996) ATLA 24, 211-231. null
Methods for Assessing Percutaneous Absorption. ECVAM Workshop Report 13. Howes et al. (1996) ATLA 24, 81-106. null
Screening Chemicals for Reproductive Toxicity: the Current Alternatives. ECVAM Workshop Report 12. Brown et al. (1995) ATLA 23, 868-882. null
The Three Rs: The Way Forward. ECVAM Workshop Report 11. Balls et al. (1995) ATLA 23, 838-866. null
Nephrotoxicity Testing In Vitro. ECVAM Workshop Report 10. Hawksworth et al. (1995) ATLA 23, 713-727. null
Safety and Efficacy Testing of Hormones and Related Products. ECVAM Workshop Report 9. Garthoff et al. (1995) ATLA 23, 699-712. null
The Integrated Use of Alternative Approaches for Predicting Toxic Hazard. ECVAM Workshop Report 8. Barratt et al. (1995) ATLA 23, 410-429. null
Development and Validation of Non-animal Tests and Testing Strategies: the Identification of a Coordinated Response to the Challenge and the Opportunity Presented by the Sixth Amendment to the Cosmetics Directive (76/768/EEC). ECVAM Workshop Report 7. Balls et al. (1995) ATLA 23, 398-409. null
A Prevalidation Study on In Vitro Skin Corrosivity Testing. ECVAM Workshop Report 6. Botham et al. (1995) ATLA 23, 219-255. null
Practical Aspects of the Validation of Toxicity Test Procedures. ECVAM Workshop Report 5. Balls et al. (1995) ATLA 23, 129-147. null
Alternatives to Animal Testing in the Quality Control of Immunobiologicals: Current Status and Future Prospects. ECVAM Workshop Report 4. Hendriksen et al. (1994) ATLA 22, 420-434. null
In Vitro Neurotoxicity Testing. ECVAM Workshop Report 3. Atterwill et al. (1994) ATLA 22, 350-362. null
In Vitro Phototoxicity Testing. ECVAM Workshop Report 2. Spielmann et al. (1994) ATLA 22, 314-348. null
The Practical Applicability of Hepatocyte Cultures in Routine Testing. ECVAM Workshop Report 1. Blaauboer et al. (1994) ATLA 22, 231-241. null