Task force reports


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Recommendations for the Application of Biostatistical Methods During the Development and Validation of Alternative Toxicological Methods. ECVAM Biostatistics Task Force Report 1. Holzhütter et al. (1996) ATLA 24, 511-530. pdf icon

Good Cell Culture Practice

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ECVAM Good Cell Culture Practice Task Force Report 1. Hartung, T. et al (2002). ATLA 30, 407-414. pdf icon
ECVAM Good Cell Culture Practice Task Force Report 2. Coecke, S. et al (2005). ATLA 33, 261-287. pdf icon

Integrated Testing Strategies

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The Integrated Use of Alternative Methods in Toxicological Risk Evaluation. ECVAM Integrated Test Strategies Task Force Report 1. Blaauboer, B. et al (1999). ATLA 27, 229-237. pdf icon


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The Use of Long-term Hepatocyte Cultures for Detecting Induction of Drug Metabolising Enzymes: The Current Status ECVAM Hepatocytes and Metabolically Competent Systems Task Force Report 1. Coecke, S. et al (1999) ATLA 27, 579-638 pdf icon


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Nephrotoxicity Testing In Vitro: The Current Situation. ECVAM Nephrotoxicity Task Force Report 1. Morin, De Broe, Pfaller, Schmuck (1997). ATLA 25, 497-503 pdf icon


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The Role of Prevalidation in the Development, Validation and Acceptance of Alternative Methods. ECVAM Prevalidation Task Force Report 1. Curren, Southee, Spielmann, Liebsch, Fentem, Balls (1995). ATLA 23,211-217 pdf icon

Skin Irritation

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Alternative Methods for Skin Irritation Testing: the Current Status. ECVAM Skin Irritation Task Force Report 1. Botham, Earl, Fentem, Roguet, van de Sandt (1998). ATLA 26, 195-211 pdf icon
Follow-up to the ECVAM Prevalidations Study on In Vitro Tests for Acute skin Irritation. ECVAM Skin Irritation Task Force Report 2. Zuang,V. et al (2002). ATLA 30, 109-129. pdf icon