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Acute Toxicity
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Gennari, A., Cortese, E., Boveri, M., Casado, J. and Prieto, P. (2003) Sensitive Endpoints for Evaluating Cadmium-Induced Acute Toxicity in LLC-PK1 Cells. Toxicology183, 211-220.  

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AGAATI (2002). The target animal safety test - Is it still relevant? Biologicals 30, 277-287.  
Balls, M. and Halder, M. (2002). Progress in applying the Three R's of Russell & Burch to the testing of biological products. In: Advancing Science and Elimination of the Use of Laboratory Animals for Development and Control of Vaccines and Hormones111, 3-13. F. Brown and C. Hendricksen (Eds.), Karger (Publs.).  
Bruckner, L., Cussler, K., Halder, M., Barrat, J., Castle, P., Duchow, K., Gatewood, D.M., Gibert, R., Gtroen, J., Knapp, B., Levis, R., Milne, C., Parker, S., Stuenkel, K., Visser, N. and Volkers, P. (2003) Three Rs Approaches in the Quality Control of Inactivated Rabies Vaccines. ATLA31, 429-454.  
Cussler, K., Halder, M. and Hendriksen, H. (2002) Future Activities: ECVAM and the Quality Control of Biologicals. ATLA30, Suppl. 2, 225-226.  
Halder, M. and Balls, M. (2002). Implementation of Three R's alternatives in regulatory testing: possibilities and obstacles. The view of the validator. In: Advancing Science and Elimination of the Use of Laboratory Animals for Development and Control of Vaccines and Hormones111 (2002), 203-210. F. Brown and C. Hendricksen (Eds.), Karger (Publs.).  
Halder, M., Hendriksen, C.F.M., Cussler, K. & Balls, M., (2002) ECVAM's Contribution to the Implementation of the Three Rs in the Production and Quality Control of Biologicals. ATLA 30, 93 - 108.  
Storring, P. L., Gaines Das, R. E., Mulders, J. W. M. & Halder, M., (2002) Physiochemical methods for predicting the biological potency of recombinant follicle stimulating hormone: An international collaborative study of isoelectric focusing and capillary zone electrophoresis. Biologicals 30, 217 - 234.  

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Balls, M., ed. (2003). Biostatistical Methods and the Development, Validation and Application of In Vitro Toxicity Tests. European Center for the Validation of Alternative Methods, Institute for Health and Consumer Protection, European Commission Joint Research Center, (JRC), Ispra, Italy. ATLA 30,Suppl.1, 1 - 103.

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- Balls, M., (2003). Introduction. pdf icon
- Bretz, F. and Hothorn, L.A., (2003). Statistical Analyses of Monotone or Non-monotone Dose-Responce Data from In Vitro Toxicological Assays. pdf icon
- Edler, L. and Ittrich, C., (2003). Biostatistical Methods for the Validation of Alternative Methods for In Vitro Toxicity Testing. pdf icon
- Hauschke, D. and Hothorn, L.A., (2003). Two-stage Testing of Safety: A Statistical View. pdf icon
- Hauschke, D., Hothorn, T. and Schaefer, J., (2003). The Role of Control Groups in Mutagenicity Studies: Matching Biological and Statistical Relevance. pdf icon
- Hothorn, L.A., (2003). Statistics of Interlaboratory In Vitro Toxicological Studies. pdf icon
- Hothorn, L.A. and Bretz, F., (2003). Dose-Responce and Tresholds in Mutagenicity Studies:
A Statistical Testing Approach.
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Barriers, Nephrotoxicity and Chronic Testing
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Gennari A., Cortese E., Boveri M., Casado J., Prieto P. (2003) Sensitive endpoints for evaluating cadmium-induced acute toxicity in LLC-PK1 cells. Toxicology183(1-3):211-220  
Chishty M., Reichel A., Begley D.J., Abbot N.J. (2002) Glial induction of blood-brain barrier-like L-system amino acid transport in the ECV304 cell line. Glia39: 99-104.  
Pazos P., Fortaner S., Prieto P., (2002) Long-term in vitro toxicity models: comparison between a flow cell bioreactor and static cell cultures based on membrane technology. ATLA , 30(5): 515-23.  
Prieto P. (2002) Barriers, Nephrotoxicology and Chronic Testing In Vitro. ATLA 30(2): 101-6.  

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Mazzotti, F., Sabbioni, E., Ponti, J., Ghiani, M., Fortaner, S. and Rossi, G. L., (2002) In Vitro Setting of Dose-effect Relationships of 32 Metal Compounds in the Balb/3T3 Cell Line, as a Basis for Predicting their Carcinogenic Potential. ATLA 30, 209 - 211.  

Computational Toxicology
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Lessigiarska, I. and Worth, A. (2003) The Use of Computer Models as Alternatives to Animal Experiments in Chemical Risk Assessment. ATLA31, 67-73.  
Roi, A. J., (2002): The ECVAM Scientific Information Service (SIS). In: The proceedings of the ECVAM Status Seminar 2002, held on 4 - 6 June 2002, in the Amphitheatre at the European Commission Joint Research Center (JRC), Ispra, Italy. ATLA 30, Suppl. 2, 141-143. pdf icon
Worth, A. and Cronin, M. (2003) The Use of Discriminant Analysis, Logistic Regression and Classification Tree Analysis in the Development of Qualification Models for Human Health Effects. Journal of Molecular Structure (Theochem)622, 97-111.  
Worth, A. (2002) ECVAM's Activities on Computer Modelling and Integrated Testing. ATLA30, Suppl. 2, 133-137  

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Halder, M. and Worth, A. (2003) Validation of Alternative Methods to Animal Testing. In Monogr.: In vitro Methods in Aquatic Toxicology, C. Mothershill, B. Austin (Eds.) Springer-Praxis Books in Marine Science and Coastal Management, Chapter 17, 421-433. ISBN 3-540-02357-7, Springer Verlag.  
Castaño, A., Bols, N., Braunbeck, T., Dierickx, P., Halder, M., Isomaa, B., Kawahara, K., Lee, L., Mothersill, C., Part, P., Repetto, G., Riego Sintes, J.M., Rufli, H., Smith, R., Wood, C. and Segner, H. (2003) The Use of Fish Cells in Ecotoxicology. The Report and Recommendations of ECVAM Workshop No. 47. ATLA31, 317-351.  

Embryo and Cardiotoxicity
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Bremer S., Pellizzer C., Coecke S., Paparella M. and Catalani P. (2002) Detection of the embryotoxic Potential of Cyclophosphamide by Using a combined System of Metabolic competent Cells and Embryonic stem cells. ATLA 30, 77-85  
Genschow E. Spielmann H., Scholz G., Seiler A., Brown N., Piersma A., Brady M., Clemann N., Huuskonen H., Palliard F., Bremer S. and Becker K. (2002) The ECVAM International Validation Study on In Vitro Embryotoxicity Tests; Results of the Definite Phase and Evaluation of Prediction Models. ATLA 30, 151-176  
Gribaldo L, Alison M, Andrews P., Bremer S., Donovan P., Knaan Shanzer S., Mertelsmann R., Spielmann H., Testa N., Triffitt J., Zipori D. and deWynter E. (2002) Meeting summary: European workshop on stem cells, European Centre for the Validation of Biomedical Testing Methods, Institute for Health and Consumer Protection, Joint Research Centre, Ispra, Italy, November 21-23, 2001. Experimental Hematology 30, 628-633  
Paparella M., Kollossov E., Fleischmann B., Hescheler J., Balls M. and Bremer S. (2002). The use of quantitative image analysis in the assessment of in vitro embryotoxicity endpoints based on a novel embryonic stem cell clone with endoderm-related GFP expression. Toxicology in vitro 16(5), 589-597  

GLP, GCCP and In Vitro Toxicity
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Coecke, S. and Hartung, T. (2003) Good Cell Culture Practice. An Extract out of the ECVAM Good Cell Culture Practice Task Force Report 1. BIOforum Europe3, 2-4  

Haematotoxicity and Anti-cancer Drugs
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Gribaldo,L., (2002) Haematotoxicology: Scientific basis and regulatory aspects, ATLA 30, Supplement 2, 11-113.  
Gribaldo,L., Alison,M., Andrews,P.W., Bremer,S., Donovan,P.J., Knaan-Shanzer,S., Mertelsmann,R., Spielmann,H., Testa,N.G., Triffitt,J.T., Zipori,D., de Wynter,E., (2002) Meeting summary: European Workshop on Stem Cells, European Centre for the Validation of Biomedical Testing Methods, Institute for Health and Consumer Protection, Joint Research Centre, Ispra, Italy, November 21-23, 2001. Experimental Hematology 30, 7, 628-633.  
Malerba, I., Castoldi, A.F., Parent-Massin,D.,and Gribaldo,L., (2002), In vitro myelotoxicity of Propanil and 3,4-Dichloroaniline on murine and human CFU-E/BFU-E progenitors. Toxicological Sciences 69, 433-438.  

Immunotoxicity and Pyrogenicity
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Langezaal, I., Hoffmann, S., Hartung, T., Coecke, S., (2002) Evaluation and prevalidation of an immunotoxicity toxicity test based on human whole-blood cytokine release. ATLA 30, 581 - 595.  

Metal Toxicity
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Cinquetti, R., Mazzotti, F., Acquati, F., Gornati, R., Sabbioni, E., Taramelli, R. and Bernardi, G. (2003) Influence of Metal Ions on Gene Expression of BALB 3T3 Fibroblasts. Gene318, 83-89.  
Monetti, C., Vigetti, D., Prati, M., Sabbioni, E., Bernardini, G. and Gornati, R. (2002) Gene Expression in Xenopus Embryos after Methylmercury Exposure. A Search for Molecular Biomarkers. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry21(12), 2731-2736.  

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Coecke, S., Eskes, C., Gartlon, J., Van Vliet, E., Kinsner, A., Bogni, A., Raimondo, L., Parissis, N., Langezaal, I., (2002) Metabolism and Neurotoxicity: The Significance of Genetically Engineerd Cell Lines and New Three- Dimensional Cell Cultures. ATLA 30, Suppl. 2, 115 - 118.  
Eskes, C., Juillerat-Jeanneret, L., Leuba, G., Honegger, P., Monnet-Tschudi, F. (2002) Involvement of microglia-neuron interactions in the TNF-a release, microglial activation and neurodegeneration induced by trimethyltin. Journal of Neuroscience Research, in press.  
Eskes, C., Honegger, P., Juillerat-Jeanneret, L. & Monnet-Tschudi, F. (2002) Microglial reaction induced by noncytotoxic methylmercury treatment leads to neuroprotection via interaction with astrocytes and IL-6 release. Glia 37, 43-52.  

Systemic Toxicity
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Boveri, M., Pazos, P., Gennari, A., Casado, J., Hartung, T. and Prieto Peraita, P. (2003) Comparison of the Sensitivity of Different Toxicological Endpoints in CaCo2 Cells after CdCl2 Treatment. Archives of Toxicology. Published online: December 2003  
Casati, S., Collotta, A., Clothier, R.H. and Gribaldo, L. (2003) Refinement of the Colony-Forming Unit-Megakaryocyte (CFU-MK) Assay for its Application to Pharmaco-Toxicological Testing. Toxicology in Vitro17, 69-75.  

Validation Process
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Worth, A. and Balls, M. (2002) The Principles of Validation and the ECVAM Validation Process. ATLA30, Suppl. 2, 15-21.