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Griesinger C; Hayes W. and Guzlian, P. :eds. (2009). Proceedings of the 1st International Forum Towards Evidence-Based Toxicology. Special issue in Human and Experimental Toxicology 28 (2-3), 71-165 pdf icon
Flavia Zucco, Anne-Francoise Batto, Giovanna Bises, Jean Chambaz, Arianna Chiusolo, Rosa Consalvo, Heide Cross, Gianni Dal Negro, Isabella de Angelis, Gerard Fabre, Francois Guillou, Sebastian Hoffman, Loic Laplanche, Etienne Morel, Martine Pincon-Raymond, Pilar Prieto, Laura Turco, Giulia Ranaldi, Monique Rousset, Yula Sambuy, Maria Laura Scarino, Francois Torreilles and Annalaura Stammati (2005). An Inter-laboratory Study to Evaluate the Effects of Medium Composition on the Differentiation and Barrier Function of Caco-2 Cell Lines. ATLA 33, 603-618. pdf icon
Hartung, T., Bremer, S., Casati, S., Coecke, S., Corvi, R., Fortaner, S., Gribaldo, L., Halder, M., Janusch Roi, A., Prieto, P., Sabbioni, E., Worth, A., Zuang, V.,(2003). ECVAM's Response to the Changing Political Environment for Alternatives: Consequences of the European Union Chemicals and Cosmetics Policies. ATLA 31, 473-481. pdf icon
Combes, R., Barratt, M., & Balls, M. (2003). An overall strategy for the testing of chemicals for human hazard and risk assessment under the EU REACH System. ATLA 31, 7 - 19. pdf icon
Worth, A.P., Balls, M., ed. (2002). Alternative (non-animal) Methods for Chemicals Testing: Current Status and Future Prospects. ATLA 30, Suppl. 1: 125

The chapters are listed below:

- Preamble: Alternative (Non-animal) Methods for Chemicals Testing: Current Status and Future Prospects pdf icon
- Chapter 1: Background pdf icon
- Chapter 2: The Principles and Procedures of Validation pdf icon
- Chapter 3: The Scientific Basis of Chemical Risk Assessment pdf icon
- Chapter 4: Acute Lethal Toxicity pdf icon
- Chapter 5: Local Toxicity: Acute Dermal and Ocular Effects pdf icon
- Chapter 6: Local Toxicity: Sensitisation pdf icon
- Chapter 7: Biokinetics pdf icon
- Chapter 8: Target Organ and Target System Toxicity pdf icon
- Chapter 9: Genotoxicity and Carcinogenicity pdf icon
- Chapter 10: Reproductive Toxicity pdf icon
- Chapter 11: Endocrine Disruption in Humans pdf icon
- Chapter 12: Summary pdf icon
Hartung T., Bremer S., Casati S., Coecke S., Corvi R., Fortaner S., Gribaldo L., Halder M., Hoffmann S., Roi A., Prieto P., Sabbioni E., Scott L., Worth A. and Zuang V. (2004). A Modular Approach to the ECVAM Principles on Test Validity. ATLA 32, 467-472. pdf icon
Balls, M., ed. (2002). Alternatives to animal experiments: progress made and challenges ahead. The proceedings of the ECVAM Status Seminar 2002, held on 4 - 6 June 2002, in the Amphitheatre at the European Commission Joint Research Center (JRC), Ispra, Italy. ATLA 30, Suppl. 2, 1 - 243.

The presentations are listed below:

- Balls, M., (2002). The Establishment of ECVAM and its Progress Since 1993. pdf icon
- Balls, M., (2002). The Future of ECVAM: A Personal Perspective. pdf icon
- Blaauboer, B.J., (2002) The Necessity of Biokinetic Information in the Interpretation of In Vitro Toxicity Data pdf icon
- Botham, P. A., (2002) ECVAM, ECETOC and the EU Chemicals Policy pdf icon
- Bottrill, K., (2002) Information: Needs for the Future pdf icon
- Bremer, S. et al., (2002) Development of a Testing Strategy for Detecting Embryotoxic Hazards of Chemicals In Vitro by using Embryonic Stem Cell Models pdf icon
- Clark, D. G., (2002) ECVAM Status Seminar 2002: Closing Remarks pdf icon
- Clothier, R., (2002) ECVAM's Collaboration with Academia pdf icon
- Coecke, S. et al., (2002) Metabolism and Neurotoxicity: The Significance of Genetically Engineered Cell Lines and New Three- Dimensional Cell Cultures pdf icon
- Combes, R. D., (2002) The ECVAM Workshops: A Critical Assessment of their Impact on the Development, Validation and Acceptance of Alternative Methods pdf icon
- Corvi, R., (2002) Genomics: An In Vitro Toxicology Point of View pdf icon
- Cronin, M. T. D., (2002) The Current Status and Future Applicability of Quantitative Structure-activity Relationships (QSARs) in Predicting Toxicity pdf icon
- Curren R. D. and Harbell, J. W., (2002) Ocular Safety: A Silent (In Vitro) Sucess Story pdf icon
- Cussler, K., Halder, M. and Hendriksen, C., (2002) Future Activities: ECVAM and the Quality Control of Boilogicals pdf icon
- Duff, T., et al., (2002) Transepithelial Resistance and Inulin Permeability as Endpoints in In Vitro Nephrotoxicity Testing pdf icon
- Fentem, J. H. and Botham, P. A., (2002) ECVAM's Activities in Validating Alternative Tests for Skin Corrosion and Irritation pdf icon
- Garthoff, B., (2002) Dialogue and Collaboration with ECVAM: The View of the EFPIA pdf icon
- Gribaldo, L., (2002) Haematotoxicology: Scientific Basis and Regulatory Aspects pdf icon
- Halder, M., et al., (2002) ECVAM's Activities on Biologicals pdf icon
- Hartung, T., et al., (2002) Comparison and Validation of Novel Pyrogen Tests Based on the Human Fever Reaction pdf icon
- Hendriksen, C., et al., ECVAM's Role in the Implementation of the Three Rs Concept in the Field of Biologicals pdf icon
- Hothorn, L. A., (2002) Selected Biostatistical Aspects of the Validation of In Vitro Toxicological Assays pdf icon
- Koeter, H. B. W. M., (2002) Dialogue and Collaboration: A Personal View on Laboratory Animal Welfare Developments in General, and on ECVAM's First Decade in Particular pdf icon
- Kolar, R., (2002) ECVAM: Desperately Needed or Superfluous? An Animal Welfare Perspective pdf icon
- Louhimies, S., (2002) Directive 86/609/EEC on the Protection of Animals Used for Experimental and Other Scientific Purposes pdf icon
- Pessina, A., et al., (2002) In Vitro Tests for Haematotoxicity: Prediction of Drug-induced Myelosuppression by the CFU-GM Assay pdf icon
- Prieto, P., (2002) Barriers, Nephrotoxicology and Chronic Testing In Vitro pdf icon
- Rogiers, V., (2002) ecopa: A Powerful Concept in the Way Forward for Alternative Methods pdf icon
- Roi, A. J., (2002): The ECVAM Scientific Information Service (SIS). pdf icon
- Schumann, R., (2002) The Seventh Amendment to the Cosmetics Directive: What does DG Enterprise want from ECVAM? pdf icon
- Silva de, O., (2002) The Contributions of the European Cosmetics Industry to the Development of Alternatives to Animal Testing: Dialogue with ECVAM and Future Challenges pdf icon
- Sladowski, D. and Halder, M., (2002) ECVAM's Activities in the EU Candidate Countries pdf icon
- Spielmann, H. and Liebsch, M., (2002) Validitation Successes: Chemicals pdf icon
- Van Leeuwen, K., (2002) The Importance of ECVAM pdf icon
- Vanparys, P., (2002) ECVAM and Pharmaceuticals pdf icon
- Vogelgesang, J., (2002) The EC White Paper on a Strategy for a Future Chemicals Policy pdf icon
- Worth, A. P., (2002) ECVAM's Activities on Computer Modelling and Integrated Testing pdf icon
- Zuang, V., (2002) ECVAM's Research and Validation Activities in the Fields of Topical Toxicity and Human Studies pdf icon